Risks You Should Consider Before Construction Starts

Risks You Should Consider Before Construction Starts

Before construction on your project starts, there are a few things you should consider and be made aware of. While we always hope for a seamless and smooth construction process, we’ve been in the business long enough to know that isn’t always the case. Read below for a few things you should be aware of and risks you should consider before construction starts.

Building or redesigning a location will always be expensive. There are many different ways to effectively cut costs but, in the long run, a lot of money will be spent no matter what. Once construction begins, there is always the possibility of running into problems that weren’t planned into the budget. There could be a shortage of material, you may need more workers, there might have to be more work done or you could change your mind on a design. There are many possibilities and many outcomes that could affect your budget. That is one thing that will always be true during construction; it probably won’t be as easy to get to the end goal as you think, but Roy Lewis Construction is here to help you in any way we can.

While, in the beginning, a schedule will be made and will hopefully be adhered to, it is very easy to get behind. There are many outside factors in construction that you can not have control over that could throw you off schedule. Sometimes the truck carrying the material is late, the weather doesn’t cooperate or you run into an unforeseen issue. Hopefully, these factors won't knock you off schedule too bad, but it is still a risk to consider. If you’re on too tight of a schedule for a project, maybe you should move your start day up, so any delays won’t be as worrisome.

Most people who are considering building or redesigning a space have an idea of the design they want. This is good because it gives us creative ideas of where to start and what direction to go in. Although, some designs will not correlate over well or could be out of the budget. This is always something to consider. While expectations will obviously be there, it is best to know that expectations can change as the project changes. Within construction there are many ways to get a design done. So, there will be many ways to get what you envision to come to life, and at Roy Lewis Construction that is our main goal for you.

The Market
While things within the construction market don’t change that often, the markets associated with the construction one are ever changing. Is it a good time for commercial construction, if your business is just starting out? Is it a good time to move your business? Is it a good time to sell a house, if you’re building to sell? The real estate market is often changing and definitely has times when it’s better than others. Timing is a big factor for construction. So, if you believe the time is right for you, then give us a call so we can start your project.

Since our inception in 1984, Roy Lewis Construction has been focused on commercial and residential construction projects along the Gulf Coast. Roy Lewis Construction has an excellent reputation for delivering unparalleled value and quality on projects. Call us today for an estimate by calling 251-380-0000 or email us at paul@roylewisconstruction.com.

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