Construction Management

From time to time, owners prefer to take a more active role in their projects and approach us about representing them as their construction manager. We are flexible as to what level of management involvement, whether it be CM-Agent or CM-At Risk.

Our Construction Management Agent Services Include:

Our Construction Management At-Risk Services Include:

In today’s highly litigious culture, where personal injury lawsuits and workers’ compensation can destroy a company, Roy Lewis Construction is highly aware of safety considerations. We will strictly enforce proper worker safety guidelines and machine handling. Roy Lewis Construction will focus on the safety and quality in every aspect of your building project, from the planning stages to the final walkthrough.

We factor these structural elements into our planning strategy for timeline purposes. We are fully staffed and have the knowledge and resources to help navigate the proper channels. Such items can include building codes, required permits and policies within the city, district and county.

We estimate and manage all projects in a single tier. By doing this, we offer more competitive budgets than our industry peers while providing clients the increased value from our diverse portfolio of completed projects, satisfied clients and exemplary subcontractor relations. Many times, we receive better pricing from the same subcontractors than most of our competitors. With all of this in mind, our experience leads us the ability to bring quality, timeliness and competitive pricing to the market.