Remodeling Tips for Your Business or Restaurant

Remodeling Tips for Your Business or Restaurant

If you are feeling inspired or have been saving for that long awaited remodeling project, we have all the tools and tips you need. Start the new year right with these helpful remodeling tips for your business or restaurant. Get the plan, design and budget you want while investing in a home or business you will love more than ever before.

Know Your Budget
Remodeling might sound like an exciting time since you get to have your place up and running looking just how you envisioned it. But when it comes to thinking about how much money you will spend, you might start to have second thoughts about burning a big hole in your pocket. Luckily, we offer estimated and planning services so you can be in the know for all your construction project needs. By knowing your budget, you will have the confidence and control to move forward with any or all remodeling in a single tier. That way, the builder is not losing money, and you aren’t overpaying for it due to our competitive price market. We are committed to creating while understanding all your needs.

Get Required Permits/Policies Out of the Way
Now that you have your budget planned, it is time to get the required permits and policies out of the way. Not only will the documents help protect your project from violating any legal city, district and county specifications and codes, but it will also help you get started on remodeling faster. This means our laborers will be able to get a set time on when to start work, and you can feel at ease knowing inspections will plan out accordingly. Time frames are an essential part of staying within code, so with the proper permits, your remodeling project will be off to a safe start.

Use Sustainable Material
It would be best if you never regretted the upgrades you made for your business/restaurant because you did not make the right choice in material. We suggest you choose sustainable materials such as energy-efficient and non-toxic textiles/insulations so that you can save on future costs. Your facility should be a safe environment from the ground up. Our design services, along with quality control, help you achieve those goals. We look at the fine details and go over them with you throughout the planning process and throughout construction as well. By working together, we can recommend the type of design and remodeling material to fit around eco-friendly features, recyclable waste and keep structures/beams protected.

If you need help navigating your project, our experts are here to help guide you through our design services that are guaranteed to deliver superior results.

Since our inception in 1984, Roy Lewis Construction has been focused on commercial and residential construction projects along the Gulf Coast. Roy Lewis Construction has an excellent reputation for delivering unparalleled value and quality on projects. Call us today for an estimate by calling 251-380-0000 or email

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