Estimating and Budgeting

An essential part of all building projects is the time and energy that goes into planning and scheduling your project. Here at Roy Lewis Construction, we consider the entire scope of the project, your budget and your deadline during our planning process. We know that it’s important to ask the right questions and think ahead about deadlines and possible problems when planning and making a budget.

Cost estimating and planning in budgeting is the forecasting processes for building your physical structure. Builders and clients worry about the financial impact of building projects, so we devote our time and efforts to how much your project will cost before moving forward. We respect that our clients want to stay within their budget, so Roy Lewis Construction will work closely to maintain good communication throughout the building process. Before moving forward with your project, we suggest you get a few quotes, either from an independent agent or another company.

We can quickly put together budgets for owners who need them quickly, thanks to the project cost data we’ve collected over the years. We can do this with limited information based on prior knowledge and execution. We are also adept at delivering finalized estimates on project documents and have the vision necessary to analyze drawings for what may be needed that is not shown in the drawings for the most desired outcome. This also helps eliminate change orders down the road.

Roy Lewis Construction also asks our clients to consider building codes, required permits and policies within the city, district and county. We factor these structural elements into our planning strategy for timeline purposes. We have the right people on staff and the knowledge and tools to help you find your way.

Our building analysis can better control and plan your construction project thanks to our fully integrated cost estimating and budgeting software. We can accurately estimate and track man hours, materials, setbacks and location variables. As builders, we also know when you’ll need extra or specialized equipment to finish your project.

Considering that every building project has a unique set of variables, a good construction estimating and budgeting prevents the builder from losing money and helps the customer avoid overpaying for their project.

We estimate and manage all projects on a single tier. By doing this, we offer more competitive budgets than our industry peers while providing clients with an increased value from our diverse portfolio of completed projects, satisfied clients and exemplary subcontractor relations. We often receive better pricing from the same subcontractors than most competitors. With all of this in mind, our experience gives us the ability to bring quality, timeliness, and competitive pricing to the market. With our low overhead, we can pass those savings along.