Tenant Build-Out

Often, there is little time to hesitate when leasing agreements are put into place. Whether for an office, retail space, apartment, condominium or “big-box” department store, Roy Lewis Construction has an experienced team ready to meet your urgent build-out need.

With this understanding in mind, we hit the ground running with our staff resources to self-perform the architectural elements while teaming with a close-knit network of subcontractors. We have built long-term relationships with many companies in the Southeast that offer specialized services. These relationships allow us to aggressively maneuver the schedule and keep costs down for our clients.

Roy Lewis Construction specializes in general and interior commercial and residential build-outs. We are committed to building and finishing superior projects with a strong emphasis on deadlines, timely completion and attention to detail. Our team is committed to quality craftsmanship so that our clients recognize our dedication to the utmost level of honesty integrity customer satisfaction.

An essential part of all building projects is the time and energy that goes into planning and scheduling your project—this includes all tenant build-out projects as well. Roy Lewis Construction considers the entire scope of the project, your budget and deadline during our planning process. We understand that’s asking the right questions, anticipating deadlines and possible setbacks are essential to the planning and budgeting process.

We factor structural elements into our planning strategy for timeline purposes. We are fully staffed and have the knowledge and resources to help navigate the proper channels. Often, deadlines are derailed by building codes, required permits and policies within the city, district and county.

When you consider navigating the system alone, you can only imagine how a simple loophole can wreck your timeline. Our highly trained staff will help you figure out these rules and regulations so that your project stays on schedule.

We estimate and manage all projects in a single tier. By doing this, we offer more competitive budgets than our industry peers while providing clients the increased value from our diverse portfolio of completed projects, satisfied clients and exemplary subcontractor relations. We often receive better pricing from the same subcontractors than most of our competitors. With all of this in mind, our experience leads us to the ability to bring quality, timeliness and competitive pricing to the market.

As business owners, we know from experience how complicated and hard tenant build-out can be. Whether creating new office space, retail space, remodeling a restaurant, apartment, medical center or constructing any other tenant build-out project, Roy Lewis Construction offers the utmost level of thoroughness and high performance to your project. From blueprints to final inspection, our team aims to fully commit to your project and execute it with quality craftsmanship and specialized services. Your challenges will be met with creativity and versatility. At the end of your project, we will deliver a space that welcomes and serves its purpose for functionality, efficiency and unique branding catered to you. We’ve earned a concrete reputation for successful tenant build-out projects.

For more information on our tenant build-out services, contact our office today. To view some of our work and to hear from satisfied clients, see our “gallery” page.