Commercial Construction

Since 1984, we have been one of Mobile’s premier commercial construction contractors. We are not the largest, but we believe, based on our client feedback and referrals received, that we are the best.

Whether your project is small (such as remodeling an existing office space) or large (true from-the-ground-up construction), Roy Lewis Construction can deliver results.

We have a long history in construction with experience in new builds and remodels for restaurants, churches, banks, schools, retail, and office buildings. At Roy Lewis Construction, we work together with you to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Roy Lewis Construction also provides your commercial construction project with unmatched expertise. We employ top-notch laborers who have been with our company for several years. Our employees focus on quality work and safety. This means fewer delays on the job site, which helps ensure your project is completed on time.

When you want a commercial construction project done, you want proficiency and professionalism to represent your company. Mobile has recognized Roy Lewis Construction as one of its leading commercial construction contractors. We take pride in our highly skilled laborers, who are ready to deliver quality work and safety. At Roy Lewis Construction, we tailor our commercial construction services to each individual client. Experience with new builds and remodels since 1984 has informed our process for creating a building that best fits you. This union of services makes Roy Lewis Construction the proven choice time and time again. We are dedicated to delivering results for our clients.