Design Services

We offer project design services from as early as schematic planning, preliminary design, to completed Architectural, Structural, and MEP permit documentation. Within the design process we incorporate and bridge the client’s architectural vision, energy efficiency/combustibility concerns, sustainability, and scheduling criteria all within the planning process.

Schematic planning typically includes a complete design and description of the building systems. This will include floor plans and elevations, HVAC, plumbing and electrical. The purpose of the schematic plan is to translate the project into physical drawings of space. Design projects can bring your vision, brand or company to life. We offer design services that will help your project stand the test of time. Through an impeccable process honed over years of experience, we will help you navigate each step of your project. Our team at Roy Lewis will take your schematic planning, preliminary design, energy efficiency/combustibility concerns, sustainability and vision to another degree.

Some Key Benefits of Choosing Roy Lewis Include:

  • Speed, efficiency and cost control: By working together, we are able to bring you the most efficient and detailed budgets and construction plans that we will tailor exactly to fit your needs. We manage your design project to deliver your proposal’s results.
  • Established processes to streamline project coordination: A planned and deliberate project using detailed project coordination will help avoid unplanned changes and errors. These processes will streamline an unblemished design project right on schedule.
  • Accountability and quality control: By choosing Roy Lewis, you have our guarantee that our team is committed to working together to eliminate any inaccuracy or misstep in creating your project.

By combining an assorted array of industry forces, Roy Lewis Construction delivers results beyond expectation.