Why You Should Choose Roy Lewis Construction

Why You Should Choose Roy Lewis Construction

At Roy Lewis Construction, your project is our calling. Whether it is a general commercial facility for your company, interior commercial or tenant build-outs, we have the experience and track record any client would be happy to notice. We may not be the largest construction company in Mobile, but we are known for providing superior construction services for many reasons.

Your Vision is Important to Us
It all begins with what you as the client see in your vision. We help you make your project come to life by taking you through the necessary steps/services that fit your needs, including schematic planning, preliminary design and structural design. If it begins from the ground-up, we have the architects and the constructors to deliver impeccable results. If you only want to expand, we will work with what you have and make changes as necessary. In the end, we want your vision to become a reality.

Budget-Friendly Competitive Budgets
Many of our clients choose Roy Lewis Construction because we offer competitive prices to stay within your budget. Our goal is to deliver speed, efficiency and cost control to bring you a single-tier project. The quality of the materials and work put forth into every single project is why we rely on our long-time subcontractors to do the same as, if not better than, what the market shows. Not to mention our easy budget process offers transferability with communication on estimates, details such as location variables and finalized estimates on project documents. We want you to be in the know and encourage you to do your research when it comes to estimates with other firms as well.

On-Time Construction
Deadlines are always a must, and your time is valuable to us. With the help of our reliable contractors and skilled laborers, we are not only committed to delivering on time but also to discuss any setbacks far beyond starting the project. We have established a process called streamline project coordination that includes an on-hand plan and a detailed project so that everything can run smoothly.

On-Hand Construction Management
We could not pass up the opportunity to represent your project as a CM-Agent or CM-At Risk. Our unique service of on-hand construction management gives owners the freedom to rely on our assurance on reports, compliance of policies and procedures, overseeing and managing agreements, plus so much more for a worry-free step-by-step process. We ease off some of the work for you and even hire staff and skilled laborers as needed.

If you need help navigating your project, our experts are here to help guide you through our design services that are guaranteed to deliver superior results.

Since our inception in 1984, Roy Lewis Construction has been focused on commercial and residential construction projects along the Gulf Coast. Roy Lewis Construction has an excellent reputation for delivering unparalleled value and quality on projects. Call us today for an estimate by calling 251-380-0000 or email us at paul@roylewisconstruction.com.

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