Creating the perfect floor-plan for your commercial space

Creating the perfect floor-plan for your commercial space

The number one thing your employees will notice is how their work environment is laid out. You want them to feel comfortable with ample space, rather if it is through cubicles in an office or conference rooms during meetings. We can help create the perfect floor plan for your commercial needs with the help of our commercial construction plans and experienced contractors.

Stay on track with a budget

Like any project, you will want to stay on track with a budget. Figuring out your means as far as square footage, costs for materials, time, etc. will help while working towards your commercial construction project. We offer budgeting software that helps us maintain control by using a single-tier so that your mind is at ease knowing you are paying the right price. Delivery time is also taken into account because we know your project deadlines need to be met for construction plans to run smoothly.

Find the right structure/design

Once you have an idea about your budget, you will want to implement the right structure for your commercial construction. Are you planning on designing from the ground up? Or are you remodeling? Maybe you just want to add additional space to a preexisting structure. Whatever structure you choose will give you an idea of what type of design you can anticipate. Make it a space you will love and a space which your employers will also get to enjoy on an everyday basis.

Get started with the right contractors

Creating the perfect floor plan means getting started with the right contractors. You have a business that needs special attention with limited delivery time and less time to make crucial mistakes. If you do not trust your contractors to do the right job, you will risk losing money no matter how small or big your desired commercial space may be. Luckily, at Roy Lewis Construction, we are able to proudly provide with you experienced laborers and employees that abide by safety procedures while making exceptional commercial construction projects.

Get started today on your perfect floor plan for your commercial space with commercial construction. Whether it’s a school, restaurant or office building, we are here to help you from the beginning to the end as we stand by our philosophy of expertise in services you won’t find anywhere else. Roy Lewis Construction is your resource for leading commercial construction.

Since our inception in 1984, Roy Lewis Construction has been focused on commercial and residential construction projects along the Gulf Coast. Roy Lewis Construction has an excellent reputation for delivering unparalleled value and quality on projects. Call us today for an estimate by calling 251-380-0000 or email us at

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